May 6, 2020

As New Zealand starts its gradual exit from the Coronavirus lockdown, it’s important to consider how we prepare for longer periods away from home during the day, and a hopeful return to normality. While recent months have seen a reduction in the number of burglaries, an ease in restrictions also opens up the opportunities for crime to be committed more easily. With changing routines, being able to keep an eye on our property as members of the household start to return to work or school will enhance safety and security in and around the home.

Whether you are working from home, worried about elderly family members or helping children to become more independent, Morepork can help.

Home is the new (temporary) workplace

If you continue to work from home, there are a number of security considerations you need to remember. While offices will often have strongly enforced security measures in place to protect work premises and employees, protecting work items now located at home, such as laptops and secure files, should be top of mind when packing down each day. Homeowners should not become complacent by leaving doors unlocked and windows open when leaving the house or going to bed. Keeping computer equipment, smart devices, car keys and identification documents hidden is an effective way to deter opportunistic thieves that might be scouting a location, particularly at a time when more valuables are being kept at home. Consider what additional layers of home security you can put in place to protect you and your property.

Keep an eye on kids

With school closures resulting in more children navigating learning at home, a remote-controlled monitoring system can provide a valuable support solution by keeping an eye on the daily timetable. While parents struggle to maintain their own work-from-home commitments, having the ability to check in on kids from another part of the house helps to improve productivity. Live streaming video cameras act as an extra pair of eyes, making sure everyone stays on track. For older children, cameras can also give parents and caretakers the freedom to step out if necessary, with extra security in place for peace of mind.

While social distancing restrictions are in place, live streaming cameras can also help people to check in on vulnerable elderly relatives to check that they are okay during times when people are unable to physically visit someone. 

Morepork’s simple do-it-yourself (DIY) installation system incorporates the latest smart technology including remote control functionality through a smartphone and tablet app with the option to subscribe to our 24/7 back-to-base monitoring service.

The security starter kit includes a control panel, three door and window sensors, an image sensor, video camera and motion sensor. Additional motion sensors and smoke alarms can be added to the system as required and for a small monthly fee, Morepork’s Professional Response Team can monitor your security system 24/7. For more details contact our team directly on 0800 787 238 or visit .