Pick and mix to suit you

The Security Starter Kit

This monitors your other Morepork components and communicates with you

These sensors monitor whether a door or window is open or shut

Like a standard motion sensor, but with a built-in camera

Record a video clip when a sensor is triggered, or view live footage


Detect motion in areas you want to monitor without visual access

Detects smoke, sounds an alarm and alerts you via the Morepork app

Sign up to Morepork from $26 per month – no term contract (month to month subscription).

Install it yourself

With easy to follow instructions, no wiring and no drilling Morepork can be installed by someone with no DIY experience. We give you everything you need to install your Morepork Security Starter Kit in 1-2 hours max.

Monitor and control it via your phone

Arm and disarm

Arm and disarm

Turn Morepork on or off from the app. Removing the pain of forgetting to set the alarm before you leave home, or turning it off and resetting it after a false alarm.

Customise alerts

Customise alerts

Set notifications for the events you want to know about – has the front door been left open? A smoke alarm gone off? Your child arrived home from school? Tailor Morepork to suit you.

Get a visual

Get a visual

If your alarm goes off, you can see a photo or video clip of what triggered it so you can decide what to do. If it’s a false alarm, you can simply reset your Morepork.

'Peek in' any time

'Peek in' any time

Keep an eye on your home, pets and kids. See a photo of what triggered the sensor or ‘peek in’ via the video camera or image sensor. Check who’s coming and going, and who’s getting up to mischief.

Loop others in

Loop others in

Give other members of your household access to the app. If you choose the Professional Response plan, alerts go to your home security monitoring service too.

View your history

View your history

See a record of what’s happened in your home by viewing the history list. It keeps track of every Morepork action over the last 60 days.

Know what happens when your alarm goes off

A sensor is triggered

Oh no! One of Morepork’s sensors detects a door or window opening, or unusual movement inside. It alerts the control panel.

The alarm sounds

The siren in the control panel sounds. It will keep going until you turn it off from your smartphone, or from the control panel by entering your user code.

You get an app alert

Your mobile phone pings. The Morepork app has sent you an alert – and anyone else you’ve asked it to. What happens next depends on whether you are on the Self Monitored or Professional Response plan.

Who responds

Monitored plan

Available wherever there is Spark mobile coverage

With this plan, you respond to Morepork yourself. Alerts will come to your smartphone, and to anyone else you nominate. To see what triggered the alarm, check the image sensor photo or watch a video clip. Then you decide if there’s anything you need to do.

Response plan

Available in most locations

In addition to self monitoring, a home security service responds to Morepork for you. Your Morepork will be professionally monitored 24/7 and in an alarm event, a pre-agreed security response plan will be actioned. That way you don’t have to worry if you travel often, are sometimes unavailable or out of range.

Extra peace of mind

What do I need?

A compatible smartphone or tablet

Find out if your device is compatible here.

Spark mobile coverage

Wherever the control panel is installed

(ideally with WiFi)

Wherever the video camera is installed

Like what you see?