What is the Morepork app and how does it work?

The Morepork app is the remote control for your Morepork, allowing you to keep an eye on the things you love when you are away from home. You can arm and disarm your Morepork, receive an alert if a sensor is triggered and see a photo of what tripped the sensor or ‘peek in’ via the video camera or image sensor at any time.

You can download the Morepork app from your usual Google Play or Apple app store. The Morepork app requires on iOS 8.0 or later for Apple, and OS 4.0.3 or later for Android. If you have a Windows phone, you can download the Alarm.com app from the Windows store. You may not get all the functionality the Morepork app offers, but will be able to arm/disarm, peek-in and view video footage. When you use the Morepork app your device will be using your mobile or WiFi data plan. The charges for your device’s mobile data or WiFi connection are not included in your Morepork monitoring plan.

The great features of the app include:

  • Arm and disarm your Morepork from anywhere
  • See if your security system is armed at a glance
  • Check if doors and windows are open
  • Share access to the app with others in your home
  • Receive alerts about what is happening at home
  • Peek in on your home via photos and videos

There are several other ways to use the app, including:

  • Get smoke alarm alerts straight to your phone
  • Set reminders based on location of your phone
  • Receive notifications when your child is home safe from school
  • Set up scenes to control multiple Morepork components with the touch of a button
  • Keep track on who is coming and going – housekeepers, babysitters etc