What happens if there is a false alarm?

A false alarm is easy to deal with through Morepork, because you can arm and disarm it remotely. You’ll get an alert as soon as the alarm is triggered, and you can view photos and video clips to make sure it is a false alarm.

  • If you’re on our Self Monitored plan, you might want to add a trusted neighbour as a login or user, in case you’re ever unavailable to deal with it yourself.
  • ​If you are on our Professional Response plan, you can also grant the Professional Response Team access to your photos and videos during an alarm event, in case you are unavailable. Make sure you’ve allowed access in your action plan and updated your portal settings.

If you accidentally trigger your alarm and disarm it within 30 seconds, your Morepork will report a ‘Pending Alarm’. Pending alarms do not contact the Professional Response Team, so not to worry, no action will be taken.
If a guard is sent due to a false alarm you will be charged, so be careful when selecting your action plan and ensure the information you provide is correct so that someone can be contacted in an alarm event.