What does the monthly fee cover?

The monthly fee for your Morepork depends on the plan that you choose – Self Monitoring or Professional Response.

The Self Monitoring gives you total control to monitor and respond to Morepork yourself. You’ll receive app and email alerts based on your customised settings and can peek-in on photos and video clips at any time.

With customised settings, you decide which events Morepork will alert you to, how you receive the alert (email or a mobile push notification from the app) and who receives each alert. An alert can even be sent to multiple people to ensure anything important is not missed.

The Self Monitoring plan ($39.95/month on a 12 month plan) includes:

  • 24/7 access to the Morepork app and web portal
  • Mobile data used by your control panel
  • Secure cloud storage of your data, photos and video
  • Customisable mobile and email alerts
  • 40 photo uploads from your image sensor(s) each month
  • 1,000 video uploads from your video camera(s) each month
  • The Morepork Support Team available 8am-10pm every single day

The Professional Response plan ($59.95/month on a 12 month plan) includes:

  • Everything in the Self Monitoring plan
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • A customised Professional Response action plan
  • Security guard callouts (fee applies – limited availability)
  • Emergency services called if needed

The Professional Response Team can act on your behalf following a pre-agreed action plan  – for extra peace of mind. This can include calling you and up to 3 emergency contacts if anything unexpected occurs, viewing photos and video footage during an alarm event and even dispatching a security guard.

Perfect if you travel or are away from your mobile phone frequently. Click here to find out more on Morepork’s plans & pricing options.