How many devices can I connect to my Morepork?

The maximum number of devices your Morepork can connect to at any one time is:
Radio sensors:

  • Up to 39 door & window and motion sensors combined
  • Up to 20 smoke alarms
  • Up to 3 image sensors

Video Cameras:

  • Up to 4 video cameras – this includes indoor, outdoor and video doorbell cameras

Z-Wave devices:

  • Up to 30 smart bulbs and smart switches combined – this includes ‘works with Morepork’ switches and lights
  • Up to 6 smart locks
  • Up to 5 other devices – this includes Z-Wave range extenders.¬†Any other Z-Wave devices you pair to your Morepork will also count toward these limits

Activity monitoring:
Your Morepork is setup to have sensor activity monitoring for up to 50 sensors. This means you can see when specific door & window sensors are open or closed, and when image and motion sensors detect activity, even when the system is disarmed.

Devices included in your monitoring limit are:

  • Door & window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Image sensors

If you have more than 50 sensors (door & window sensors, image sensors and motion sensors) and/or your activity monitoring is turned off for any sensors, they will still trigger your alarm, but you will be unable to see their status (i.e. open, closed, idle or activated).
You will also be unable to set up alerts for these sensors, such as letting you know when a door is left open.

You can choose which sensors are monitored via the web portal, you just need to tick the ‘Activity Monitoring‘ box, and save any changes.

Devices not included in your monitoring limit are:

  • Video cameras (including indoor, outdoor and video doorbell)
  • Smoke alarms
  • Any Z-Wave devices (such as a door locks, smart lights and switches)