How do I create an arming reminder based on my location?

Geo location reminders are based on the location of your smartphone. You can set up geo-fences so when your smartphone passes through them, it can trigger rules and alerts.
For example you can set up an alert to tell you if your door is unlocked when you are a set distance from home or on your way to work.

How to set up your first Geo location reminder:

  1. Enable Geo services on your smartphone
    1. Go to the menu in your Morepork app. Tap ‘Geo Services‘, turn the feature on, and confirm that Morepork can use your phone’s location. This may take a few minutes to update.
  2. Create your geo-fences
    1. Login to the web portal on your desktop or laptop.
    2. Click the ‘Settings‘ tab and you’ll see the Geo-Services option.
    3. Click on this and you’ll see the Geo-Services screen.
      • The orange circle on the map is a geo-fence. Think of it as a protective dome, when your smartphone crosses the geo-fence, the switch is flipped. You’ll see that your first geo-fence ‘Home‘ has automatically been created for you based on the installation address you used at purchase.
      • If you need to update this, click ‘Home‘ on the right and type in your address (make sure you include suburb, city and post code).
      • You can specify the size of your geo-fence by simply dragging the tabs on the fence, or if you prefer you can specify the radius in the field on the right hand side. You can make the geo-fence as small as 1.5km, or as large as you want.
    4. Make sure you click ‘Save‘ when you’re done, and your home geo-fence is good to go.
    5. You can set up several different geo-fences for different rules and devices. For example, some Morepork users create geo-fences around their workplaces as well.
      Click ‘Add a Fence‘ to get started.
  3. Set up your Geo-Services alerts
    1. Choose the type of alert or rule you’d like to create from the menu on the right. What options you see here will depend on what components are connected to your Morepork. We’re going to create a simple Arming Reminder; a smartphone alert that lets you know if you leave home without arming your Morepork.
    2. You’ll find yourself on the ‘Notifications‘ page, where the first step is to name your reminder. We’re calling ours ‘Forgot to Arm Morepork‘.
    3. Specify the times that you want your alert in effect. In our example we have limited the alert to weekday mornings, 7:30am-9:30am.
    4. Click ‘Add Recipient‘ to link the alert with your smartphone, which you enabled in Step 1 above.
    5. Click ‘Save‘ to set up the reminder.

To be able to receive these notifications on your phone you will have to make sure push notifications are turned on in the app. For more information on how to do this click here.