How do I arm my Morepork panel?

The smartphone and tablet app let you monitor your Morepork on the go. Arm it, disarm it and receive an alert if a sensor is triggered.

Morepork has two arming states:

  • Arm (Away) is for when you’re out. All your sensors are armed, including image and motion sensors.
  • Arm (Stay) is for when you’re home at night, but still want the alarm on. Your door & window sensors are activated, but all your other Morepork sensors will be disabled so you can move around inside.

If a sensor is triggered while your Morepork is armed, the siren in the control panel will sound. If a sensor is triggered while your Morepork is disarmed, you can get notified depending on the alerts you have set up.


To arm your Morepork:

  1. Login to the Morepork app using your username/email address you set up at purchase
  2. On the home screen, tap the padlock icon
    1. If you tick ‘Silent Arming‘ there’ll be no voice prompt or countdown chime from the control panel
    2. If you tick ‘No Entry Delay’, the alarm will sound as soon as a sensor is triggered. You’ll need to disarm from the app before you open the door. If you leave it un ticked, there’ll be a delay of several seconds after you open the door to give you time to disarm
  3. To arm your Morepork, choose between Arm (Stay) and Arm (Away)
  4. While your Morepork is arming, the icon will flash. When it stops flashing, your Morepork is armed.

To change between Arm (Stay) and Arm (Away) you need to tap Disarm first.

Helpful Hints

  • You can also arm and disarm your Morepork from the control panel by tapping the padlock icon on the home screen and entering you user code.
  • The Morepork smoke alarm is always active, even if your Morepork isn’t armed. This means the siren on the smoke alarm and your control panel will sound and you will get an alert notification.
  • Morepork can also be armed and disarmed from the home page of the web portal. Visit the web portal here.