You can enable video motion detection (VMD) on your indoor or outdoor video cameras, to record clips around 40 seconds long when it detects motion.

To set up VMD:

  1. Login to using your username and password you set up and purchase
  2. Click ‘Video’ then ‘Settings
  3. Click on ‘Video Motion Detection’
  4. Customise your motion detection settings, we recommend:
    Sensitivity – this is how sensitive your motion detection is. We recommend setting it to 5 to start with.
    Target size – this is the percentage of the VMD window that needs to change before it will record. Depending on the size of your window, this might take a bit of trial and error – the smaller the window, the larger you should make the target size, to prevent too many false motion recordings.
    Window size – this is the area the motion detection will record light changes in. We recommend drawing windows only where there shouldn’t be movement. (i.e. for an outdoor camera, exclude adding a window on a tree, as there will be a lot of light changes).
  5. Click ‘Save


Please note:

  • Your video cameras will never trigger an alarm, even with motion detection enabled.
  • Motion detection on your video cameras is a lot more sensitive than an image sensor and may respond to light changes. We recommend you test it out and update your settings to ensure you are recording only what you want and don’t run out of storage.

  1. Important – you must also add  a recording schedule – without this, your motion detection won’t record anything.
    1. Click ‘Recording Schedules’ at the top of the screen
    2. Click ‘Add Schedule
    3. Click ‘Video Motion Detection
    4. Set up your recording schedule time frame, delay, at home settings and recipients.
      Adding a recipient will ensure someone will be notified if any motion is detected. We recommend you setup push notifications so you can be alerted to your phone. See here for details.
    5. Click ‘Save Schedule

    Your video motion alerts are now all setup! Remember, you can change the sensitivity of your motion detection and update your recording schedules at any time.

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