When you first connect your Morepork devices to your control panel, they will be given a default name such as ‘Sensor 1‘, ‘Smoke Alarm‘ or ‘Light‘.
We recommend you rename each sensor so it makes sense in your alerts: for example, ‘Lounge window was left open’, rather than ‘Sensor 3 was left open’.

How to name your sensors:

  1. Login to morepork.nz/portal using the username/email address you set up at purchase
  2. Click ‘Settings‘ on the left hand side, then ‘Devices
  3. Overwrite each sensor name and click ‘Save’.

You can also check the status of each sensor here, and turn sensor activity monitoring on and off.
If activity monitoring is ticked, all activity for that sensor will be recorded under ‘History’, even if your Morepork is disarmed.

Quick Tips

  • When you change your sensor names in the web portal they’ll automatically update on the control panel and Morepork app. It may take a few minutes for them all to update.
  • If you move your sensors, don’t forget to update the names so your alerts still make sense.

The heart is in the app

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