Monitor and control your home remotely from your smartphone or tablet

Control from the palm of your hand

The smartphone and tablet app lets you monitor Morepork on the go. Arm it, disarm it and receive an alert if a sensor is triggered.

Image of Morepork mobile app security dashboard
Image of Morepork mobile app security dashboard

Keep an eye on your home, pets and kids

See a photo of what triggered the sensor or ‘peek in’ via the video camera or image sensor. Check who’s coming and going, and who’s getting up to mischief.

Image of Morepork mobile app camera controls
Image of Morepork mobile app camera controls

Alerts to suit you

Decide how much or little information you want. Morepork can tell you when someone comes in the front door, or leaves a window open – or not. Alerts can be set or changed as often as you like.

Plans & pricing options

Sign up to a Morepork plan from $26 per month – no contract term.

The Morepork Security Starter Kit is what you need to get Morepork set up at your place. You can add extra components at any time including light bulbs, motion sensors and smoke alarms.

Pet friendly

Morepork will allow pets to move around without triggering the alarm. If you have a pet, the sensitivity of your image sensors can be adjusted to avoid false alarms.

NZ based on call support

Our support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us on 0800 787 238 for support.

Safe & secure data

Images, video and data from your Morepork are securely stored in the cloud and only accessible by you or those you authorise.

Easy self-install

No drilling or wiring and no DIY experience needed. Morepork can be installed in 1-2 hours.

Avoid the drama of false alarms

Morepork allows you to see what’s going on when your alarm is triggered – decide whether action is needed or simply reset the alarm from the app. No more upset neighbours!

12 month warranty

All Morepork hardware is covered by a 12 month repair or replace warranty.